JCC Camp Ruach Summer Internship Program (SIP)

A 5-week internship program, coordinated through the JCC and Camp Ruach, which provides college students with an invaluable experience to have the best of both worlds: the highly desired and coveted work experience through an internship AND the added benefit of working at Camp Ruach! With SIP, you CAN have your cake and eat it too.

Program Dates: May 22, 2023 – June 23, 2023

Eligible Participants: Current freshman in college or older


Program Details:

  • Minimum 24 hours a week spent at assigned internship in applicants’ field of interest
  • Employment at JCC Camp Ruach from June 26-August 18, 2023


Application Process:

  • Apply Online. Applicants through to the second round will receive follow-up phone interviews.
  • Application DEADLINE, March 1, 2023
  • For more information, contact Alanna Steinberg or 908-443-9026.
  • Previous Internship Field Areas Include:
    • Social Media & Marketing
    • Event Planning
    • Computer Programming
    • Law
    • Medicine
    • Nursing
    • Political Campaigning
You do not need to have a previous affiliation with the JCC to apply!