What is the staff to camper ratio?


Each camp group is approximately 15 campers with 3 to 4 staff members.

What are the ages of campers at Camp Ruach?


From two years old to ninth grade.

Different ages require different age counselors.


Campers are assigned Adult Counselors as the Senior Counselors. They also have Junior Counselors (who are in Grade 11 or 12) and CITs (who are in Grade 10).

YELADIM (Kindergarten-1st Grade)
Campers are assigned Adult Counselors as the Senior Counselors. They also have Junior Counselors (who are in Grade 11 or 12) and CITs (who are in Grade 10).

GADOL (2nd – 3rd Grade)
Campers are assigned Seniors Counselors who are in college or older, Junior Counselors and CITs.

TZAHOV (4th – 6th Grade)
Campers are assigned mainly Senior Counselors, with a few older Junior Counselors.

SABABA (7th – 9th Grade)
Campers are assigned Senior Counselors.

ROAD RULZ (7th – 9th Grade)
Campers are assigned all Adult Counselors.

What is the start time and end time of camp?


Between 8:45 AM and 9:00 AM

4:00 PM

Starts at 7:30 AM

Available until 6:00 PM

How do campers get to and from camp?


Transportation to and from camp is included.

Transportation to camp is available in the morning only.

You provide your own transportation to camp.

Does my child have to ride the bus both ways to and from camp?


If the bus schedule does not work with your schedule, or you have to pick up your child early, you are more than welcome to drop off or pick up your child(ren) from camp. Any combination works.

Once my child arrives at camp, what can they expect?


After getting off the bus or being dropped off, campers are escorted by a staff member to their group table where their counselors are waiting for them to begin a fun filled day.

Does my family have to be Jewish for our child(ren) to attend Camp Ruach?

Camp Ruach is open to EVERYONE!

We are a Jewish camp with cultural programs integrated into our schedule. Both campers and staff come from diverse backgrounds. All are welcome and feel comfortable at Camp Ruach.


My Family is Jewish. What kind of Jewish experiences will my children have?


We have Jewish programs that range from Jewish Heroes, Israeli Culture Day and of course celebrating Shabbat on Fridays! There is a Jewish value of the week, also lovingly referred to as human values, which campers explore through interactive group activities.

Do campers need to bring their lunch to camp?


Yes and No…

  • Campers are welcome to bring a lunch which will be refrigerated.
  • Lunch may be purchased at camp. We offer items such as hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, bagels and pasta on a rotating basis. A water bottle and choice of fruit or chips is included.
  • You can sign up for lunch on Camp InTouch through Forms à Additional Options.
  • We are a Kosher sensitive facility. Please do not pack lunches mixed with meat and dairy.
  • No shellfish or pork are allowed on site.
  • We provide a snack in the morning (crackers, pretzels, etc.) and ice pops in the afternoon. On Friday’s we serve Rita’s at the end of the day.
  • There are special snacks throughout the summer that correlate with the “theme of the week”.

My child has allergies.

How is this handled?



  • There is a full-time nurse on site.
  • We have nut-free tables for those with nut allergies.
  • Currently, we have campers who are nut-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.
  • We will work with all families to accommodate their allergy needs.

Please contact the Camp Office to make arrangements for specific allergies.
(908) 443-9026

My child has special needs.

Do you offer a special program?

YES! Chaverim is designed for campers with special needs. This program offers 1:1 staff support to shadow your camper and is tailored to their specific needs. Camp Chaverim is an individualized program and includes integration into peer groups when appropriate and modified schedules when necessary. We work around ESY schedules developing part and full time programs.

Please contact Ellie Willoughby, our Special Needs Director for more information:
(908) 443-9029

Do I send my child to camp if it's raining?


Of course!

There are going to be rainy days, but the campers are still going to have lots of fun.

We utilize our indoor facility and grades 1 or older may go on field trips to the movies or bowling for half the day.

What is the make-up of camper groups?


The ! in our RUACH! Values statement is Inclusion. For all of our camp history, we have intentionally designed and planned the Camp Ruach experience to actively create a program and environment where all children feel safe, comfortable, and have a sense of belonging. With this in mind, it was important to us that all of our groups be all-gender. This group design ensures that all of our campers come together to learn, play, and grow, regardless of their gender, as we seek to overcome gender stereotypes and limitations. We embrace diversity of all kinds at Camp Ruach; all are welcome here.

Many of our camper groups spend a significant portion of their day interacting with campers from other groups including during swim, lunch, chugim (electives), and on certain trips.

And really hot days?



  • We plan activities to do inside.
  • Extra swim time is scheduled.
  • There are sprinklers set up throughout the campsite.

Do you offer financial aid?


Yes we offer financial aid to those who qualify. You must complete our financial aid form and submitting certain information to us. For more information please call 908.443.9018

Finally... will my kids enjoy their summer at Camp Ruach?


ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED!!! Camp Ruach is sure to become your children’s “Home for the Summer”!