• Road Rulz campers are on the road everyday traveling to various trips throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania They build friendships and lasting bonds throughout the summer while on new adventures, exploring, and sightseeing.
  • Throughout the summer some trips have later return times. No return busing is provided on these days.
  • Busing is available for Road Rulz campers (at no extra cost) for their 9 AM – 4 PM days only.
  • Summer Trip highlights includes: Top Golf, Urban Air Trampoline Park, Club Getaway, a Broadway Musical.
Road Rulz Staff
  • Road Rulz counselors are all 21 years or older.
Trip Highlights

Dave & Busters, Point Pleasant & Spring Lake Beaches, Rafting on the Delaware, Camel Beach, Mountain Creek, Spirit Cruise, Broadway, Medieval Times, Chelsea Piers, Dorney Park… and so much more!


  • Week 3(July10-14): Cleveland/Pittsburgh
  • Week 7(August7-11): Virginia Beach