Our Camp employees a full time RN who attends to all our camp medical needs during the regular camp day.



There are water stations set up throughout the campgrounds and campers are encouraged to carry reusable water bottles to each activity throughout the course of the day. Our staff are trained to take frequent water breaks and consistently remind campers to stay hydrated.



Sunscreen is re-applied after each swim period and as needed throughout the camp day. Campers must bring their own sunscreen with them and for our younger campers, the counselors assist them in the reapplication process.

Heat Precautions


We pride ourselves on providing campers with a traditional outdoor camp experience but are quick to make any changes to the schedule in response to the weather. There is a misting tent setup on the camp grounds as a cool relief after active play, sports and outdoor activities may have added water components, additional swim periods may be added, and when necessary, we utilize our indoor air conditioned facilities.