Our Camp employees a full time RN who attends to all our camp medical needs during the regular camp day. They are available before the start of camp to discuss any campers’ medical concerns and throughout the duration of camp as well. The nurse will be in direct communication with families as needed during the course of the summer.



There are water stations set up throughout the campgrounds and campers are encouraged to carry reusable water bottles to each activity throughout the course of the day. Our staff are trained to take frequent water breaks and consistently remind campers to stay hydrated.



Sunscreen is re-applied after each swim period and as needed throughout the camp day. Campers must bring their own sunscreen with them and for our younger campers, the counselors assist them in the reapplication process.

Heat Precautions


We pride ourselves on providing campers with a traditional outdoor camp experience but are quick to make any changes to the schedule in response to the weather. There is a misting tent setup on the camp grounds as a cool relief after active play, sports and outdoor activities may have added water components, additional swim periods may be added, and when necessary, we utilize our indoor air conditioned facilities.

COVID-19 Prevention at Camp Ruach


The power of camp and its impact on us as individuals and as a community was never more-true than during the Summer of 2020! In speaking with many of our camp families and in watching the campers every day, it is evident that camp had a lasting and powerful impact on everyone connected with Camp Ruach this past summer.


]The health and safety of our campers and staff remains our top priority and as a result, we are prepared to implement our tested safety practices in mitigating risk related to Covid-19. All policies are developed in accordance to the recommendations made by the CDC and the local and state Department of Health.


Family Commitment to Camp Ruach (for website, not brochure)

  • Each family monitors their child’s health
  • Each family communicates openly with Camp Ruach about health concerns and pertinent updates from within your family
  • Each family keeps their camper home if they’re ill and not feeling well.


JCC Camp Ruach Commitment to Families (for website, not brochure)

  • Frequent and detailed communication with pertinent updates or changes as the summer progresses
  • Camp Ruach will do everything possible to create a safe environment including frequent sanitization, high level of cleanliness, health screenings of children and staff, small group programming and trained and professional staff.
  • We will provide a “home for the summer” filled with lots of activities, laughs and fun!


Health Measures

  • Daily arrival symptom screening and temperature check
  • New handwashing stations installed behind camp building
  • Campers wash hands upon arriving at camp and between each activity
  • Staff preparing and serving food will be wearing masks and gloves


Cleaning & Sanitization Protocols

  • Increased cleaning and sanitization will be done throughout the campsite with EPA-approved cleaning supplies and sanitizers
  • One group at a time will use the bathrooms and changing rooms
  • All camp staff trained prior to start of camp on the cleaning and sanitization procedures
  • Supplies, activity areas, and equipment will be sanitized between each group and when possible, each group will have their own supplies for exclusive use.


Camper Groups

  • When outdoors and with their group, campers will not need to be masked. If a counselor is in close contact with a child, staff will be instructed to wear their masks. If groups need to move indoors for any reason, they will be fully masked indoors and remain socially distant from other groups.
  • Each camper group will attend an activity independently and if there is more than one group at an activity, they will remain socially distanced from each other.


All safety and health policies are seamlessly integrated into Camp Ruach without compromising all of the fun, spirit, and excitement that comes with Camp Ruach! As many families shared at the end of summer 2020, Camp Ruach was exactly what their children needed!