What is the Ruach Difference?

For the past 24 summers, JCC Camp Ruach has made a positive and meaningful impact on the thousands of campers, staff, and families who have come through our esteemed camp program. Our strong and intentional set of values and principles has guided us throughout the last 2+ decades and continues to shape and move us into the future. These values are infused into and connected to every aspect of camp from our programs, to staff training, to family engagement, and much more.

We look forward to celebrating our values with our campers and counselors every day throughout the summer and with our families year-round!



  • R: Relationships

    Whether this is your first summer at camp or you’ve been with us for the past 20 years, we consider YOU a part of Camp Ruach’s extended family. We treasure every moment we get to strengthen and build relationships between campers, between campers and staff, and between us and YOU! Camp Ruach… where everybody knows your name!

  • U:  Unity

    We put the unity into commUNITY here at Camp Ruach! Campers and staff explore their connections to the larger surrounding community, whether here at the Jewish Community Center, in Somerset County, or in the global world. Each week campers participate in an activity linked to a core camp value where they explore how they can each embody this value. They also participate in fundraising bake sales where proceeds go towards supporting an organization selected by our Leaders in Training (LITs). Our communal focus is what makes Camp Ruach stand apart from the rest!

  • A: Adventure

    There is adventure around every corner at Camp Ruach! You can find it in the pool, on the sports fields, down the zip line, in the kitchen, at the camp musical, during Maccabia (color war), on daily trips and overnights, and everywhere in between. We support and encourage campers’ self-development of independence and growth and look forward to championing their successes and efforts each summer. Every day holds a new adventure!

  • C: Creativity

    Among all of our fantastic programs and activities in camp, we love infusing and carving out opportunities for our campers to embrace their inner creativity! Campers design their own pieces for talent shows, select their own electives based on personal interest and intrigue, and work together with their peers to let their imaginations produce out-of-the-box thinking. Camp Ruach is more than just what is provided, it is what they make of it!

  • H: Home for the Summer

    It’s easy to make JCC Camp Ruach your Home For the Summer! With our silly and fun camp traditions, friendly and outgoing staff, and year-round programming and events, there is something for everyone! Our camp program offers the perfect avenue to support your child’s growth at camp with new and added activities for each unit and an ever flourishing love for and comfort with Camp Ruach. From campers turned to staff, turned to senior leadership, turned to even Camp Director – Camp Ruach will always be your home for the summer!

  • ! Inclusion

    JCC Camp Ruach is open to all children and families and is dedicated to creating an environment that is open, understanding, and accepting. We celebrate and champion our differences and what makes each of us unique and special. Camp Ruach is a place where each child, staff member, and family member should feel safe and have the opportunity to become the best versions of themselves. We welcome individuals and families of all religions, cultures, genders, economic status, and backgrounds to be part of our camp family. We are only as special and amazing as the sum of all of our parts!