JCC Camp Ruach has always made the safety of our campers and their families our highest priority. Extensive planning and evaluation of our safety plans are conducted annually to ensure that we continue to run and operate camp with a safety first mindset. Here are some of the systems we have in place to ensure the safety of our campers.

Security Committee

Throughout the year our JCC executive staff and security committee meet with our local police, homeland security, and the FBI to ensure that we continue to create a safe environment. Their advice and guidance has been instrumental to our planning and we thank them for their time.

Security Director

Steve McNally is the Security Director at the JCC and Camp Ruach. He began his career in Police/Security in 1984, when he was hired as a Police Officer in his hometown of Irvington, N.J. He moved up the ranks, was promoted to Sergeant, was a Canine unit supervisor and later was promoted to Lieutenant, assigned as the administrative Lieutenant in the Command Office. He retired from the Irvington Police Force in 2020 and was recruited by MSA Security in Manhattan. Later on he began working for Global Mark Security and was assigned to numerous schools and facilities in the area, including the JCC.

In March of 2020, Steve was hired full time as the JCC’s Security Director, and is very happy to be here.  Steve’s primary responsibility is to keep all of our members safe alongside a team of year round security personnel positioned at the main entrance of the JCC building. He is also intimately involved in planning and evaluating the safety plan for JCC Camp Ruach annually.


All camp staff also participate in online webinar trainings through Redwoods Insurance Company on topics including Sexual Abuse Prevention, Bullying Prevention, Pool Safety, and more.  All camp staff complete background checks prior to beginning work at JCC Camp Ruach.

As part of the staff training which all camp staff are required to complete, a significant portion of one of the day’s training is dedicated to teaching the numerous safety and security procedures we have in place. Drills are practiced with staff, our Aquatics Director leads a pool safety session, and we review in thorough detail our bus and dismissal policies to ensure every camper returns home safely at the end of each day. As of 2020, there is also a session focused on COVID-19 health and safety policies which are reviewed extensively with staff.

Camp Security Personnel

We have two security personnel throughout the summer. One is stationed at the front of the JCC building and does rounds on the campgrounds during the day and one is stationed at the top of the stairs to the campsite. The security at the top of the campsite will be responsible for checking the IDs of all campsite visitors and guests. Due to Covid-19 safety protocols, we are not currently able to welcome visits up to the campsite during camp hours.


There is a 6-foot fence installed around the perimeter of camp, clearly marking where our property begins and ends. There are gates strategically placed throughout that can be opened in case of emergency.