Rookie Days at Camp Ruach



What is Rookie Day? 

JCC Camp Ruach is excited to offer a Rookie Day Program! Rookie Day is a one-day program for prospective campers (entering 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grades) specifically designed to introduce them to the exciting world of summer camp. Your child will have the opportunity to meet other prospective and current Camp Ruach campers, and participate in many activities. They will be taken care of by a group of warm and caring counselors who will help make sure they have an amazing first Camp Ruach experience. When our Rookies head to activities with their counselors, the rest of their families will tour the camp and meet with some members of our leadership team. Families can then enjoy time on their own and will come back to camp in the afternoon to meet up with their happy rookie camper! Rookie Day will provide campers and parents with a perfect way to learn more about the Camp Ruach experience, our programs, facilities, and camp culture.

Why attend a Rookie Day?

We believe the best way to feel the warmth and spirit of JCC Camp Ruach is to come and experience it yourself! We understand that choosing the right camp is an extremely important decision. We feel that participating in Rookie day will allow families an ideal way to learn about the programs, facilities and, most importantly, feel the amazing atmosphere that exists at Camp Ruach.  It is our hope that you will walk away with a feel for the wonderful type of families we attract, and the purposeful and intentional community we create.

Rookie Day Enrollment is Limited

In order to maintain a personal and quality experience, we will only be taking a limited number of prospective campers to participate in Rookie Day. There is no fee for the program. Campers will be accepted based on order of registration.