Open to Everyone


  • JCC Camp Ruach is open to all children and families and is dedicated to creating an environment that is open, understanding, and accepting and where bias and prejudice is not be tolerated.
  • We celebrate and champion our differences and what makes each of us unique and special.
  • We encourage individuals of all faiths, cultures, genders, religions, financial status, and background to be a part of our camp family making Camp Ruach, your home for the summer.
  • JCC Camp Ruach remains committed to supporting the LGBTQ Community.
  • Camp Ruach is a place where each child, staff member and any person who walks onto our campsite should feel safe and have the opportunity to become the best versions of themselves and freely enjoy all that our program has to offer.
  • We strive to always provide a supportive environment that is welcoming of all.
We are committed to our Jewish heritage, identity, and values and are also very proud to be a non-sectarian and diverse center – open to everyone.


Special Needs


  • Camp Chaverim is designed for campers with Special Needs.
  • This program offers 1:1 staff support to shadow your camper and is tailored to their specific needs.
  • Camp Chaverim is an individualized program and includes integration into peer groups when appropriate and modified schedules when necessary.
  • We work with ESY schedules developing part-time and full-time programs for your child.

Achieving Inclusivity


To meet these needs, our leadership and members of our staff work with various organizations and professionals to receive training on how to further develop strategies aimed at establishing increasing sensitivity towards people in all segments of the community that may be represented at Camp Ruach.

In addition, we continue to focus on areas of improvement that further our success in creating a more inclusive camp program and facility.

Examples include the establishment of an all gender restroom and an expanded Staff Team that features a dedicated Special Services Director and a Camp Social Worker to ensure that each member of our community feels welcome and supported.

We envision a future where the ethos of justice, caring and inclusion, central to the Jewish tradition, is seen and felt by all.  All of our groups are mixed gender to create a fully inclusive and welcoming space for all campers and staff.